GOP Magic

by Winlar

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A little bonus political track to give us hope after the midterm election.
Don't worry folks! Because Magic!



Do you believe in magic.
Then you prob’ly see
The world in much the same light as the GOP
Magic, and they hope you do
Cause otherwise their policies play out like poo
Gm Am Bflat Am
The government is magic so just relax
It will fund itself if we just cut taxes!
If you believe in magic
It’s just so great
Wall Street will magically self-regulate
By magic
And if the market craters
Just sacrifice some virgins to the Job Creators
The belief that we should leave the world to market forces
Is just as daft as unicorns and flying horses!
If you believe in magic
Then that explains (How)
Homosexuality causes hurricanes!
We’re not worried
‘bout our oil reliance
Our Faith in god is better than your “Climate science”
Magic tells us to stick to our conviction
Clean coal is real
Global warming is fiction!
Magic. That’s what you use
Magic's better than a woman’s right to choose
Just use magic
Contraception's sin
Why not make the Pope your OBGYN?
If you believe in magic
Then you might escape
A pregnancy if it’s from “Legitimate Rape!”
Gm Am Bflat Am
Believe in anecdotes, not statistics
Believe that Ayn Rand books are realistic
Believe that unlimited superpacs
Will get the corporations off the working man’s back
Believe in magic as your world view
'Cause back here in reality we're totally screwed..


released November 11, 2014
Written and performed by Winlar (with a teensy bit of help from The Lovin' Spoonful)



all rights reserved


Winlar Seattle, Washington

Winlar is a Seattle-based Comedian, and generally terrible ukulele player. He's a former writer for TV's Almost Live, and NPR's Rewind with Bill Radke, as well as being the driving force behind the universally love sketch comedy group Kazoo! His stuff is irreverent and funny and he really needs you to buy a lot of it. Thanks. ... more

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