Je Suis Charlie

by Winlar

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After the horrific Charlie Hebto attacks, I was pretty down, but the subsequent international response inspired me to write this song. I played it at a stand-up gig and everyone pressured me to put a version online, so here it is.


I write this song reluctantly
As it was inspired
By lunatics with machine guns
Trying to kill Satire
I shouldn’t have to write this song
I shouldn’t have to say
That violence is wrong
No matter how much you may pray
But soon that violence turned into
People worldwide
Supporting those who tell bad jokes
And I swoll up with pride
Depressed as I am on this night
As bad as things may be
I take great solace in one thought
Je Suis Charlie

Before the blood was even dry
Hope sprang up again
People taking to the streets
Armed with ink and pens
Millions strong supporting speech
To teach ‘em all a lesson
We got freedom’s back you see
And this time, we ain’t messin’
A thousand voices all as one
Proving only the dense’ll
Think an AK forty seven
Stands a chance against a pencil
Freedom cannot be attacked
It’s just too free you see
Attacks only turn freedom into
Je Suis Charlie

The reason why they’ll always lose
They are so pointless dumb
They shot some folks who draw cartoons
Because they live in one
They live in a cartoon world
Where ideas can be shot dead
As if they were balloons appearing over someone’s head
You can’t shoot down ideas
Ideas always live free
And one idea is strongest now
Je suis Charlie

So glad I am to sing this song
I gladly join this chorus
We needn’t guns or bombs
Free Speech will do our fighting for us
Sure it’s complicated
A lesson learned most sober
But If you see the world in black and white
We’ll soon be red all over
They have no clue, these Terrorists,
They have no real cause
They have woke up the whole damned world
They have already lost

And I have just one thing to say to them, sing along with me
Those assholes can pardon my French, but,
Je Suis Charlie


released January 20, 2015
Written and performed by Winlar



all rights reserved


Winlar Seattle, Washington

Winlar is a Seattle-based Comedian, and generally terrible ukulele player. He's a former writer for TV's Almost Live, and NPR's Rewind with Bill Radke, as well as being the driving force behind the universally love sketch comedy group Kazoo! His stuff is irreverent and funny and he really needs you to buy a lot of it. Thanks. ... more

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